Yesterday, it was:

Sharing of allocation

Allocation of corruption

Corruption of administration

Administration of deterioration

Deterioration of infrastructure

And Political realignment.


Today, it is:

Realignment of propaganda

Propagation of promises

Promises sowed on shifting sands!


Tomorrow shall see:

Mass mobilisation

A people’s revolution

A revolution with ballots, not bullets

For the enthronement of true democracy

A democracy with real dividends, not mere stipends.


Behold, a new age beckons:

The age for gallant men to govern

For tired men to be retired

For moral men to prosper;

The age for worthy women to matter

And For our fatherland to flower

and blossom beyond our borders.


Alas, that age is here!

For today is the tomorrow of yesterday –

Those who have ears let them hear!


© Tonykata 2019

From Random Thoughts: A Collection of Essays and Poems by Tony Ekata







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