The interim military Head of State and the ECOWAS mediators at the meeting (Photo courtesy of Reuben Abati)

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and Burkina Faso’s interim Head of State, Lt.-Colonel Isaac Zida, opposition leaders, members of civil society and other political stakeholders on Wednesday reached an agreement for the establishment of an interim transitional government.


  • The agreement was secured by a three-man delegation of the ECOWAS
  • The transitional council will comprise representatives of the different groups interested in Burkina Faso governance
  • Suspension of the constitution will be lifted
  • Election will be held after one year
  • No member of the transition council will be allowed to run in the election


The agreement was reached at a meeting with stakeholders in Burkina Faso and a three-man delegation of the ECOWAS, comprising President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, John Mahama of Ghana and Macky Sall of Senegal.

A spokesman for the Nigerian President, Reuben Abati, twitted at the end of the meeting, that the Heads of State and Government and the stakeholders agreed to immediately lift the suspension on the Constitution for the Constitutional Council to declare power vacancy and take steps to establish the transitional government.

The stakeholders are expected to seek an inclusive Interim Transitional Council where all the stakeholders would have inputs.

Part of the proposals of the ECOWAS delegation is for the groups to nominate three persons from each group from which one might emerge as the leader of the transition government meant to cover only one year.

The interim transitional government is expected to organise presidential and legislative elections by November 2015.

Guaranty security of all in Burkina Faso

Members of the transition council would be exempted from participating in the general elections next year.

The government is expected to also guarantee the security of all citizens of Burkina Faso, including party leaders, members of the defunct government and protection of human rights and choices.

The mediating team further appealed to all stakeholders to embrace dialogue.

They expressed their heartfelt condolences to all the families that lost their loved ones during the October 30 insurrection.

The meeting, which was chaired by the ECOWAS Chairman, President Mahama of Ghana had in attendance Civil Society Organisations, some opposition members, major political parties, constitutional council, the military and heads of religious as well as community leaders.


NP/Reuben Abaati

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