07e7e72474f3d3f9ac060f379b926af2754227645-1301596006-4d94c766-620x348With every new year comes resolutions which we declare to somewhat dictate the course of our lives for the year, or better still, to help us live better. New year resolutions involve setting goals and making plans to achieve them. It may also include a strong desire for attitudinal change or one’s disposition to life.

The fact is we all have resolutions, voiced or unvoiced, clearly thought out or not; but the probability of realizing these resolutions is usually low. This, I have observed, is owing to a certain deficiency – a lack of three basic fruits – Patience, Faith, and Action.


It is difficult to become something especially when you are currently a stark opposite of that thing. You want to spend less, lose some weight or even turn your academic status around but because you spend a lot, are fat personified, and academically poor it becomes an uphill task. People eventually get frustrated and give up because they feel the change is unattainable or beyond their reach; but it is not. All you need is patience. The change is not going to happen over-night, it may take time, you just need to hold on. When you conclude that that change has eluded you and you throw in the towel you forfeit the joy of seeing it happen. So don’t shoot yourself early…stay in the game.

Let me round this off with this story my pastor told few weeks back. There was a certain man who loved his dog so dearly he did almost everything with it. He also had a young baby boy whom he loved too. One fateful day, when the man returned home, he found traces of blood in the sitting room. He couldn’t find his baby and when he checked the backyard he saw the dog stained with blood. In an instant, he took up a knife and killed the dog. This man presumed that his baby was torn apart by the dog. To his utmost dismay he later found a dead snake in the yard which his dog had fought and killed; and his baby carefully tucked in a corner. Apparently, the dog saved the child’s life but the man lacked patience and went ahead to take that rash action. The moral, don’t make hasty conclusions; road blocks here and there will tell you to but be patient enough.


Stanford University Psychology professor, Carol Dweck, advocates mind over matter and opines that it is ‘real and really works.’ The first step to having any resolution is believing it is achievable and believing in yourself. This belief should not be a one-time thing; it has to define you all through the year. Believe and you will achieve, it is as simple as that.

Believing in something stirs other necessities like determination and endurance in the wake of daunting challenges which can keep you focused on the prize. The reason most people did not achieve their resolution for the previous year may just be because of the absence of belief. But that can be corrected now. Speaking of correction, there may be times you make mistakes in your quest for change. It is important you learn from those mistakes, correct yourself and keep gunning for success.


Do not idle away in the name of patience or constantly deceive yourself in the name of faith; when action is lacking both lose their flavour. If you want to shed some weight, get into the gym and do some workout, if you want to get good grades seek knowledge, if you want to hone your guitar skills spend time rehearsing, and in all, make sure you are doing it right. There is always a right and a wrong way to doing things, you have to be on the right track to get optimum results. One factor that helps while you work at attaining that change is attitude. What is your attitude towards your goal? Are you passionate and driven or are you slack and lackadaisical? It is up to you how badly you want your resolutions to come true.

I leave you with these words, your attitude determines your altitude. If you must achieve it, you must want it…badly.


We’ve stepped into another year with some resolutions that could trigger transformation if fed the three fruits expounded on above. Take up the gauntlet and strive for success.

Happy New Year!

Jude Uchella 2




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