Ebola treatment healworkers.An American photojournalist, who contracted Ebola while working in West Africa, has arrived in the US for treatment.

The journalist, Ashoka Mukpo, 33, will be the second Ebola patient to be treated at the Nebraska Medical Center’s specialized isolation unit.

Mukpo was working as a freelance cameraman for NBC News in Liberia when he became ill last week.

NBC reported on Sunday evening that Mukpo had started his journey to the U.S. for treatment and that he would arrive Monday morning.

Mukpo’s family said on Friday that he would be treated in Omaha.

Hospital officials said they expected an Ebola patient to arrive Monday, but declined to provide a name.

He is the fifth American to return to the United States for treatment since the start of the latest Ebola outbreak, which the World Health Organization estimates has killed more than 3,400 people.

The hospital’s biocontainment unit was created in 2005 specifically to handle illnesses like this, said Dr. Phil Smith, who oversees the unit.

“We are ready, willing and able to care for this patient,” Smith said. “We consider it our duty to give these American citizens the best possible care we can.”

Mukpo’s father, Dr. Mitchell Levy, told NBC Sunday that his son was “counting the minutes” until he could leave Liberia but that he was not feeling that ill Sunday. Levy said the family was travelling from Rhode Island to Nebraska.

Doctors at the isolation unit — the largest of four nationwide — would evaluate Mukpo when he arrives before determining how to treat him. They said they will apply the lessons learned while treating American aid worker Rick Sacra in September. Sacra was successfully treated in the Nebraska unit and was allowed to return to his home in Massachusetts after three weeks, on September 25.

At least, 3000 deaths have been recorded since the Ebola virus outbreak in March this year.


AFP report.

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