This piece is one in a series inspired by Which Way Nigeria? an evergreen track by socio-political  commentator and Ozzidism exponent, my kinsman Sonny Okosun, who went to rest in Paradise 10 years ago. I hope you enjoy it.



How can it be

That the seed of hope

Sowed nearly six decades ago

Soaked in black blood

And watered with martyrs’ sweat;

Despised yet envied

By the long-nosed masters of yore

Is choked by a power-fool thirst

And has yet to yield sumptuous fruit?


Who takes the rap

For the hectic heat

From the harrowing hunger

In the peasants’ belly?


No! It’s the umbrella’s fault;

The new song sings,

Sweeping into oblivion

the ravenous road trodden

The vast farmlands abandoned

And the food baskets wasted

In the wake of black gold.


Soon, hoarse voices will gallop

With septuagenarian zest

Across the fallow countrysides

Plundered unhindered by heinous herdsmen:

But the people will only feebly follow

For the people are too dizzy to dance;

Too weary to weave their waists

As once they did

To the melody of these voices –

Save for those with long filial proboscises

Sucking supplements from the master sauce.


The people –

The forsaken percentile –

Drowning in depths of pessimism

Long for another song;

A new redemption song

Or a farewell chant.


They nurture the hope

That nature or nation

Would sound the knell

To break them loose

From the noose

Of their present malady.


O! What god makes rulers deaf

To the deafening whimper of souls oppressed?

What power latches leaders to the ladder?

What power makes them opt

To crash from their heady heights

Rather than step aside for others to climb?

What power?

From Random Thoughts: A collection of essays and poems by Tony Ekata

Enjoy the song here:



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