If you do not know and understand yourself you have a problem which you must solve forthwith .It is not enough to know your name, age, or where you were born; you have to understand your personality – your strengths and weaknesses and use them to your advantage. If you fail in this regard you are likely to live a life of unproductiveness and dissatisfaction simply because of a lack of self-awareness.

Alcohol intake

I have had roommates who after partying here and there return to the hostel drunk and wasted. They end up puking and residing in the mess till dawn. It is certain that they had too much to drink. I also know some people who drink regularly but do not get drunk not because they are completely immune to it but that they have been able to understand themselves to the point that they know how many bottles would get them tipsy.  They have fun and they return sane but surely we can’t say the same about the first set of people.

Assimilative Speed

There are some of us who are very intelligent, they don’t read for long before they grasp a particular concept or the other, thirty minutes is enough. And then they would play most of the time but what they learnt does not fritter away. Yet again, another set of people would have to study the same concept for about two hours and may even have to come back for some revision before full assimilation is ensured. That’s how different we are. Now imagine someone who belongs to the latter group of people and fails to understand this about himself, what do you think would be his lot? I see disaster lurking.

Career choice

Today, the entertainment industry is packed with individuals who are not meant to be there, and who may never ‘blow’ simply because they do not know themselves. The Nigerian music industry, for instance, boasts an array of talents and regrettably, a multitude of folks who think they’ve got it but are completely clueless. This set of people wallow in the rungs of mediocrity and keep trying in futility to make a name for themselves. It is arguable that some of these people decided on a music career simply because it is lucrative, not because they had the passion and the prerequisites needed to aid one in such a tasking quest.

Personal experience

I was a Science student throughout my senior secondary school days. I remember opting for Science because my brother did and because I imitated him in everything this, was not an exemption. I, however, came to the realization of my folly in my final year in school; I couldn’t confidently solve simple mathematical problems and that, coupled with a pep talk from a teacher, spurred the decision to switch to Arts. I blended so well that other students (who had been in Arts all the while) looked up to me, and such is the case presently in college. Fact is, if I had not realized the error of my ways owing to a myopic assessment of myself, and a blatant extolment of another, I would have progressed in failure.


Man, know thyself. You know what is right for you and what is not, you know what you can do easily and what you can’t; let these shape your decisions. You do not know yourself? Now is the time for self-discovery. You are now in the university, about to become a part of the millions of job seekers around the country. You are in a competition with those who know themselves and are channeling their focus through that angle. Here you are, you still do not understand yourself and what’s best for you. The outcome is likely to be that you’ll find yourself anywhere and if you do, you may not stand out because that is not you! Know yourself today, ask yourself sincere questions and give candid answers, you’ll find that you are on the right track to self-discovery.Jude Uchella 2

Socrates said, Man, know thyself

I say, Man, know thyself and use this knowledge to your advantage.

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