fireA mob on Sunday burnt a suspected female suicide bomber to ashes in Bauchi in Nigeria’s north-east, after she refused to undergo screening.


  • The incident happened at a market in Bauchi 
  • Police confirmed the mob action and are investigating the incident
  • AFP reports that two bottles were found strapped to both sides of her waist
  • Recent suicide bombings in the north-east are causing panic


The incident occurred at the popular Muda-Lawal market in Bauchi.

A police spokesman, Mr Haruna Mohammed, confirmed the incident. He said investigation was ongoing to unravel the cause of the incident.

“We received report of the incident at Muda Lawal market in Bauchi metropolis on Sunday morning but we are still investigating. Details will be made known to you,” he said.

An eyewitness, however, said the burning of the suspected female suicide bomber followed the resistance of the suspect to summit herself for screening before the market security men at the entrance to the market square.

“The female suicide bomber suspect, refused to summit herself before the security and that made it suspicious as there has been bombers on the prowl targeting markets and bus stations in recent times,” he said.

“Two bottles were found”

An attempt by one of the onlookers to save the suspected female bomber from the angry youths failed, as she was mobbed to death before the arrival of the Police.

This development was said to have forced traders to hurriedly close their shops for fear of being attacked by angry youths.

The BBC said an eyewitness told the AFP news agency that the woman came under suspicion when two bottles were found strapped to both sides of her waist after she refused to be frisked with a metal detector.

“When her hijab was raised over her head two bottles were found strapped to her waist and the crowd descended on the young woman,” he said.

The recent suicide bombings in Yobe State, Kano and other states in the north-east have put people on the street on high alert, something that may have led to the burning of the suspected suicide bomber.

A terrorist group, the Boko Haram, seeking an Islamic State in the north east and an end to western education claimed most of the attacks.



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