Pastor Olumide Emmanuel, Motivational Speaker, Founder and Overseer Calvary Bible Church

Pastor Olumide Oladapo Emmanuel is a man blessed with multiple grace and influence across the religious and secular arena. A Bible scholar, role model, creative thinker, motivational speaker, businessman, entrepreneur, wealth creation agent, leadership developer, counsellor and resource person, Pastor Olumide is also a church planter, consultant, and administrator.

He is a prolific and accomplished author with over twenty titles of which a good number are of bestselling status within and outside Nigeria.

The Havard-trained motivational speaker is the President of the NGO-Dynamites Forum International and the host of the universally acclaimed Wisdom for Singles Conference. He sits on the board of numerous businesses and directly manages some of them, including Common Sense Ltd, a group of businesses with interests in Real Estate, Publishing, Travel & Tours, Consultancy, Trainings etc; FingerPrint Investment Club (FIC), Parable Ventures Ltd (PVL), Wealth Creation Network (WCN), the NGO Dynamites Forum International (DFI), and many others. He is the set man over The Empowerment Assembly (TEA) and Executive Director of Success Business Leadership School (SBLC).

Above all, Olumide Emmanuel is a lover of God, a preacher and a man of immense integrity who believes in balance. He is the Overseer of Calvary Bible Church, Idimu, Lagos. To the young, Olumide is a mentor; among the unlearned, he is a teacher of common sense, and among the elderly, he is a phenomenon in the school of wisdom. He leaves his audience wondering and commands the respect of the learned.

Such was the impact when he graced the auditorium of Christ Populate Ministries Pretoria with his presence for a two-day wisdom-packed wealth creation summit and Pastors/Ministers’ Conference, tagged The School of Money Summit between the 14th and 15th of March 2017.

At the end of it all, Pastor Olumide sat with NewsPlus Editor-in-Chief for an insightful chat. Enjoy it.


It’s a pleasure once more to have you in South Africa. A lot of people who know you, who’ve heard about you, who have read your books would be wondering now; so he’s in South Africa, what is he doing there this time? Would you kindly let them know why you are here?


Well, we’re in South Africa on a mission and one of the things we do is to go around the world to try to empower leaders; because our ministry is majorly focused on three areas:

  • Relationship
  • Finance
  • Leadership

So, what we are doing right now in the Apostolic phase of the ministry is to go around the world to empower leaders; we are trying to do what we can to raise a new generation of Kingdom ministers and Kingdom leaders. And then, we are also going around the world to teach people economic principles, wealth creation principles and entrepreneurship principles that would help them to become Kingdom Financiers. That’s why we’re here. We are on a mission. We’ve concluded with Pretoria right now and we’ll be in Johannesburg on Monday and Tuesday.


You have authored a lot of books on empowering people economically, getting them to be financially independent; and not just Kingdom people alone but secular people as well. You actually wrote a book that was entitled How to Be a Millionaire before you changed it to The Pathway to Wealth. I’m quite sure that you’ve made so many millionaires that you can hardly keep count. Are there particular examples you would like to mention?


Yes. By the grace of God, in the last few years, we’ve raised over 600 millionaires. What we’ve tried to do is to help people understand that God is the one that gives you the power to create wealth. However, if you don’t understand what the power is all about, you can be powerful yet poor. And the Kingdom of God is the reason for the wealth. So what we’re doing is not just raising millionaires but raising Kingdom Millionaires. And Kingdom Millionaires, according to our definition, are people whose source is in God, and to whom the Kingdom of God is the reason for their wealth. We’ve been able to see a lot of people coming through that dimension. That’s why anytime we pray for people or teach people, we always want to connect them back to the Kingdom because that’s what it’s all about and we have a lot of testimonials, and I’ll give you a few examples.

Bricklayer turned millionaire

We have a guy that as at a few years ago, was one of the bricklayers working on our church project. He had been following what we were teaching and in 2013 he received an idea to start a real estate company. He started a real estate company and presently, between 2013 and now, the company alone is worth millions of dollars. That’s because he’s offering value; like we’ve always said.

Millionaire author

We have an example also, of a minister that came to one of our Money Summits and has become a bestselling author. He also, right now, has written over 20 books and is a multi-millionaire. So, we have people that come, and by virtue of what they learn, are able to translate their efforts into meaningful results.


We’ve heard you say that the trick is to apply the principles that you teach. There are Kingdom people who have listened to you again and again and remain as poor as ever; reason being that they are careful not to do what might ‘offend’ God. How do you draw a line between what you can make out of your sweat and what you would normally do for God and not expect an earthly reward?


Now, a lot of people want to live a Supernatural life. But we need to understand that even the very word Supernatural itself is a combination of two words – Super and Natural. The natural is not complete without the Super and the Super is not complete without the Natural. So, what normally happens is, we are expecting God to do something supernatural but we are not ready to bring in our natural dimension. God is Super but you have  Natural that you have to bring to the table. It is the combination of that Super and Natural that produces the result. So, most of the time, a lot of Christians do the Super dimension; they fast, they pray, they want to live holy, they want to read their Bible – after that, what next?

When you go to church now, the church is telling you; bring 10 percent of your income, give your tithe to God. Everybody is telling you about the ten percent you are supposed to bring, but nobody is telling you what to do with the remaining 90 percent. So, you find out that you bring the 10 percent but by your financial irresponsibility, you mess up the remaining  90 and you remain poor, and you say, ‘Oh, they took my money and I’m still poor’. So, it’s not just enough for you to fast and pray; it’s also very important for you to understand the wealth creation principles and apply them.


Wow! And you say that there are 10 Places Where Money Hides. I’m sure a lot of people reading this would like to know what these 10 places are, where money hides.


It’s a revelation that God gave me. You know, when I released the book, The Pathway to Wealth in 2007, I shared a lot of concepts there. Incidentally, the book came out in 2007 and in 2008 the world went into an economic recession. So, it was a book born in due season as it really helped a lot of people. But as I began to study more, to be able to find out how to help people more, ideas and inspiration began to flow. And that’s what led to the School of Money, which is a book we’ve been able to release now that is blessing people. Back to your question:

  1. Money hides in people. Everyone all over the world is carrying money. Once you release value to them, money will flow. You cannot simply assume that when you bless people with your talent, they would bless you financially in return. When I go to minister for instance, a lot of the people who are blessed by my ministration simply pray for me, which is good. But I go with my books and those who are convinced by what I teach would buy the books. By so doing, they are exchanging their money for the value they would get from the books.
  2. Money hides in problems. All over the world, there are problems. If you solve the HIV problem today or you solve cancer problem today, you can never be poor; prayer or no prayer. So, anyone that is a problem solver will always have money. It’s just amazing that Christians are very good at identifying problems, discussing, explaining and analysing problems but they are not ready to solve problems. Only solution providers become what they need to become. So, when people are complaining about problems, don’t join them; begin to think of solutions.
  3. Money hides in goods and services. For as long as Jesus tarries, people will buy food, clothes, building materials, pay rent, transport fares, etc. You would make money by providing any of these.
  4. Money hides in your gifts and talents. That is why entertainers and sportsmen and women are among the richest people in the world.
  5. Money hides in opportunity. Some men of God are approached with business propositions and they refer the people to others saying, ‘I’m a pastor and not a businessman’ when what they should do is to find a legitimate way to do the business without cheating the client and get paid for their effort
  6. Money hides in ideas. Money is not minted in heaven. When we pray to God for money he drops a money-making idea into our hearts. But most often, we ignore them only to be amazed when other people prosper by the same ideas.
  7. Money hides in work.
  8. Money hides in vision.
  9. Money hides in your seed.
  10. Money hides in God.

These are ten places where money hides and they are explained in detail in my book. Once you are able to identify them, you will move forward.


But how are you able to identify them?  Opportunities come all the time and you don’t even know….


Ignorance is the reason many people perish. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. People don’t know. Once they know, suddenly a new vista of life is opened up to them.  For instance, a young man came into my office years ago; he was poor, confused, frustrated and didn’t know what to do. And he came to tell me that he needed prayers for God to deliver him from poverty, he wanted a breakthrough…. And when he came in he was wearing a crispy shirt…in fact, when he came in he was like all these fine guys, looking neat and clean, and I’m thinking, ‘This fine guy is poor?’ And I said, “Bobo, what’s the problem?” and he told me nothing was working for him. Then I said, “Nothing is working and you still have money to dry-clean your shirt?” He said, “I wash them myself and I iron them myself”. And I said, “If you can do it this well, then you have a job; you are a dry-cleaner; you can start dry-cleaning clothes for people”.  He then said, “But I don’t have money to rent a shop”. Now, that’s always the problem. We’re always thinking of what we don’t have instead of thinking of what we have. I was able to help him and within 8 months he became an employer of labour; within 2 years he bought a car, built a house and employed 8 people.

And how did he start? I said, you know what? All you need is start from your neighbourhood. Start from your church; start from wherever you are. You can go to people’s houses to wash their clothes. They would give you the water, give you the soap, give you the iron, give you the electricity and God would give you the sun. So, what was it he didn’t have? Idea! It’s just that ignorance of what we have puts people in trouble. People are just not aware and once people are aware of what they have, a new dimension opens up.


And you gave a very profound insight into why the ‘children of darkness’ are often more prosperous than the ‘children of God’.


Yeah, you see, one thing we need to understand is this: There is a difference between the Person of Jesus, and the Principles of Jesus. When Jesus was on earth, he was a physical individual. While he was on earth, he was teaching. He was preaching. Now, those teachings and preachings of Jesus were revealing to us principles for living. Now, what happens is that a lot of Christians, when they get born again they receive the Person of Jesus and He is now in their hearts. But they ignore the Principles of Jesus. And what happens is that the unbelievers receive the Principles of Jesus and ignore the Person of Jesus. So, the Person of Jesus gives you peace, and gives you salvation. But it is the Principles of Jesus that gives you progress and gives you prosperity. So, the unbelievers, even though they don’t have Jesus, even though they are going to hell, but because they are applying the Principles of Jesus, they will be rich and experience heaven on earth on their way to hell. But you that have the Person of Jesus, yes, you’re going to heaven but you will have hell on earth on your way to heaven. So, it’s just that balance; because Jesus teaches investment, He teaches entrepreneurship, He teaches savings, He teaches prudence, He teaches planning – all these things are in your Bible. But we don’t see them. We are busy praying and fasting. We are spiritual, yet we are poor. It’s just the understanding of that balance; of how things work, that turns things around for unbelievers.


You just said that Jesus teaches savings and investment and I guess there’s someone out there wondering where, when, and how?


Oh, all through the Bible. Ok, I give you examples. When you look at Luke 16, you look at Luke 19, look at Matthew 25….. For instance now, Jesus Christ says in Luke 16: 8:

“For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light.”

There He was teaching about strategy, He was teaching about networking, He was teaching about leverages.

In Matthew 19, He says, “Occupy till I come.” This means, “do business till I return,” because He expected them to trade with what He had given to them. And we keep talking about He gave them talents. The talents there is not ability to sing. It’s money. That’s the currency of those days. And when the master came, he said, “Couldn’t you have put my money in the bank?” That’s savings. He expected them to trade with it and when he came he said, “This one has traded with 5 talents, he has gotten more.” That’s return on investment. So, when you look through the Bible, you see all these things there. Luke 14: “Which of you expecting to build a tower, would not first of all sit down and count the cost?” That’s planning and project management. All these things are there in the bible. It’s just that when we go and read the Bible, we go into the word of God with a religious mind. So, with our religious minds we interpret things that are natural religiously. Don’t forget that over 98 percent of what Jesus did was not done in a church. It was done at a wedding, in the street, on the road, on the mountain; not inside church. Almost all the miracles of Jesus took place in the marketplace – outside the church. And we want to come into the church and conclude everything inside the church. It doesn’t work like that. And that’s why you see people that are spiritual in church and when they get out of the church, they’re useless. They are not making any progress in their daily lives because they don’t understand the life application of their relationship with God.


Are your life-changing books available online?

Yes, they can be found @ or just Google search Olumide Emmanuel and you will see links that will take you where you can get my books, tapes and CDs.


Thank you very much for your time.


Thank you, too.


At the CONFERENCE, Pastor Olumide shared his thoughts on two critical challenges facing pastors and Christians – the craze for prophecy and the need for harmonious relations with the host community.


Pastor Olumide illustrating the futility of prophecy without corresponding personal effort

“Why do you go to church and your pastor tells you that he’s anointing you to prosper and you believe that stupidity? There’s nothing called anointing to prosper. You don’t prosper with oil on your head. But that’s what we see in church. The prophet speaks in tongues, and lays hands on you, and commands you to receive the anointing to prosper. You can’t prosper. Why? You don’t have any knowledge on how to prosper. Knowledge is zero. AND ANYTHING MULTIPLIED BY ZERO IS ZERO. Is that pastor lying to you? No. What he’s saying is not a lie but it’s not complete. You will still remain poor until you know what to do to prosper and begin to do it; then the anointing goes into work…..You tell people to give tithe, they won’t give; sow, they won’t sow; save, they won’t save; start business, they won’t start; yet they want to prosper. So, I’m asking myself, how? Nobody gets something for nothing…..Can you go to a bank where you have no account and go and make a withdrawal? You cannot! So, how do you expect to make a withdrawal from the bank of heaven when you have not made any deposit in the bank of heaven? People are in church, they are not faithful to the covenant that would help them to prosper, yet they are waiting for anointing. And then the pastors are not helping matters. They tell them they are going to receive alerts of cash deposits on their phones; show me one person that you know that got miracle money.  Just show me one or two people that were prophesied into millions and the people became millionaires. There are some things that cannot come by laying on of hands. They come by you developing yourself and growing into it.”


File Photo: Bonding programme at Christ Populate Ministries

This issue of working with indigenous people….people already have an opinion of the church.  And what you do speaks more than what you preach because people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. If churches come together and organize things that impact people, it will be helpful. If you have a community of people that you think are hostile to you, do you think if every month or every quarter you do something that will minister to them; do you think they will burn down your church? If in January you do a free medical outreach; bring all of them to your church, free blood pressure and eye tests, free HIV test – everything free – and they go. In February, you do a welfare programme; free clothes, free shoes, pack of rice, tins of milk, they go. In March, you do a free financial planning summit to teach them how to repay their debts, how to apply for school, how to save. If every month or every three months you do something that is giving to them; by the time you do that for two or three years, even if they don’t get born again, you’ll get what’s called goodwill. When it comes to the time to burn down churches, they would be the ones to say “No, if we burn that church down, who will give us food next week? Who will do medicals next month?” They would protect you by their selfishness based on how you are helping them. But when they see you coming, you started with 12 people, now you have thousands, they see you changing cars, and they are like: “Is it not this man that met us here?” And they’ve not eaten anything from the progress they’ve seen in your life. It’s just psychology.


Conference in session
Rapt attention
Conference Facilitator, Pastor Bukky Okeleye
Question & Answer Session
Worship Time
Prayer and Counselling
Vote of Thanks by the General Overseer of Christ Populate Ministries, Revd Michael Ajileye
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