By Tony Ekata

If helping out makes me a woman wrapper

Then I crave for nothing better

If cooking the food my children would eat

And sweating and feeling the kitchen heat

Make me a woman wrapper

Maybe, just maybe I’m a super father.

Adorning the kitchen toga

Gives me a certain power

Over the shylocks at fast food joints

Who take my cash and give me points

Offering chicken fingers for the worth of one full chicken


Serving meaningless dessert when they know I’m sorrow-stricken.

Ah, that smell of curry powder!

That sound of oil sputtering

That hiss of onion sizzling

Never cease to enthrall me

Pulling me like magnet to that gourmet office

Of cabinets filled with crockery and

Fridges full of palate secrets.

Oh, that ‘thank you daddy’, ‘thank you darling’

Those looks of wonder at my ‘nice’ cooking

Will make me do it again without dithering!

So, if helping out makes me a woman wrapper

Then, I crave for nothing better.


  1. Some men don’t understand how hard it is for a woman to do everything at the house and take care of the kids 24/7 not to mention taking care of the man too… It’s definitely a big help to have your partner do some house chores.

    Research has shown that men who do housework frequently, have better sex lives and happier marriages, and they also have kids who do better socially and academically.

    Thumbs up @Tony Ekata! Keep up the good work!

  2. Uncle Tony there’s nothing wrong for a man to help out in the kitchen once in a while but where the problem lies is when it becomes a routine. Typical of most women when you oblige to do it today be ready to continue tomorrow. Lest I forget you didn’t tell us the main thing that you sew too. That means you made the apron and the free your wife is adorning. That’s the major feat if you ask me. More ink to your pen or should I say more thread to you needle!


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