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“Alright, Your Excellency. Thank you very much,” General Buhari said.

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015, after Muhammadu Buhari, candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), had taken a clear lead of more than two million votes with just a few more states to go, President Goodluck Jonathan called his opponent on the telephone to congratulate him.

Buhari was officially declared the winner of the presidential poll on Wednesday, the Ist of April, 2015 and since then, a lot has been said about that historic phone call.

What exactly did President Jonathan tell the President-Elect?

Listen here and find the text of the conversation below:



Caller: Your Excellency, sir. Hope I’m speaking with General Buhari, sir. President Goodluck Jonathan would like to speak with you, sir.

Receiver: Yes. Okay, hold on.

Jonathan: Your Excellency

Receiver: Hold on, sir.

Buhari: Your Excellency

Jonathan: Your Excellency, how are you?

Buhari: I’m all right.

Jonathan: (Laughter) Congratulations

Buhari: Thank you very much, your Excellency.

Jonathan: So, how are things?

Buhari: Well, I’d congratulate you more because you….

Jonathan: …find time one of these days to come so that we can sort out how to plan the transitional period.

Buhari: Alright, Your Excellency. Thank you very much

Jonathan: Okay, congratulations

Buhari: My respects, Your Excellency. Thank you.


What’s your impression?

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