They have mansions in Madrid

Duplexes in Dubai

Townhouses in Cape Town

And fly private jets to Germany.


They campaign with champagne

And throw parties in Paris.


They buy coats in Cotonou

And long sleeves in London.


Their neck ties are from Thailand

And eyeglasses from Glasgow.


They despise local food;

That one is for fools:

Their tea is from Tibet

Sugar from Cuba

And ice cream from Iceland.


Their tomato is from Tobago

Chilli from Chile

Chicken from Chicago

Stockfish from Stockholm

And fresh fish from France.


Their cooking oil is from Hanoi

And frying pans from Japan.


They buy burgers from Jo’burg

Sweets from Switzerland

Candies from Canada

And bananas from the Bahamas.


They import from Britain

Plantain chips made in Benue.


Their children school in Scotland

And holiday in Holland.


Their wives wear gold rings

And drink only cold drinks.


Their mistresses change dresses

As chameleons change colour;

Their brassieres are from Brazil

Handbags from Bagdad

Hats from Haiti

Shoes from Mogadishu

Nail polish from Poland

And leg chains from China.


They use our commonwealth

To build vast empires.


Vampires they are

And vanity is their stock

But tick-tock goes their clock………

Their time is running out!


© Tonykata 2019

From Random Thoughts: A Collection of Essays and Poems by Tony Ekata

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