In this Nigeria, an average Southerner is a weakling. A born coward with serious complex
Southern Nigeria
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issues. A fool and an idiot. A slave. A typical example of a butterfly who thinks himself a bird. But this is not even the problem. The biggest problem is, he doesn’t even realise he is any of those things.

The only thing an average Southerner is good at is blowing high sounding grammar and acquiring degrees upon degrees but when it comes to things that matter most, he goes to slumber.

An average Southerner has this twisted mindset that the best way to be seen as a patriotic and detribalised Nigerian is by degrading, shaming and disparaging his own tribe for no just cause.

Abacha stole this country blind, such that 20 years after, his loot is still being returned to the country. But in spite of this, people like Buhari publicly swore that he (Abacha) stole nothing. But to an average Southern idiot, Jonathan’s 5 year rule is the reason we have no fuel, no light, no good educational system, no nothing! Jonathan is the worst thief in Nigeria history. IBB, Abdulsalam and even Buhari who was accused of stealing billions of dollars as PTF boss were all saints. Why? Because they are Northerners.

Was it not a southern he-g..t named Obasanjo who publicly accused Jonathan of training snipers in Pyongyang (North Korea) ahead of last year’s election?? He made the unfounded allegation just to please his masters up north. Now that we have the highest figure of senseless death of civilian in the hands of both state and non state actors under a Northern president Buhari, have you read any letter from the daughter-in-law f..k..g pastor OBJ??

When Shiites were massacred in Zaria, it took less than 48 hours for Chidi Odinkalu of the National Human Right Commission to establish a commission of inquiry and summon the army chief but when unarmed IPOB members praying in a school field in Aba were murdered by the security agents, did you hear even a loosely worded condemnation from Chidi Odinkalu??

Check out the list of those asking that Fayose be tried for treason for writing to the Chinese govt over Buhari’s $2 loan, they are 80% southerners. And most of them have not even read the said Fayose letter at least to know the reasons Fayose adduced in the said letter. These are the same fools who kept mum when Zango Abdullahi, Sani Kaita and some so called Northern elders publicly threatened to make the country ungovernable if power wasn’t returned to the North. When Buhari made his ‘dogs and baboon’ speech and directly caused the death of southern youth corpers, these morons kept mum.

With all the numberless killing of civilians under this regime and its open support for the genocide the world’s fourth deadliest terror group (the Fulani militant) has continued to visit on Nigerians, have these highly educated southerners bothered to write a strongly worded petition to the ICC just like Nyako, El-rufai and other northerners did to Jonathan??

These southern bastards will gleefully yell ‘Kanu should rot in jail, he was preaching hate on radio Biafra!’ But these clowns maintained sealed lips over the hateful and inciting broadcast by ‘Radio Chanji’ and Arewa Radio up North. Such is the degree of the soulless hypocrisy of these southern dickheads.

These nitwits were on rooftops telling us how incompetent and corrupt Jonathan was and how his removal was a patriotic duty. Today, things have all gone worse under Buhari and you would think that these southern imbeciles would be at the forefront calling for Buhari’s resignation but no! They are the ones defending the daura born ex-soldier even against the same things for which they crucified Jonathan then.

Now I know why Jonathan appeared weak as president and spent his 5 year-term trying to please the North.

He knew he had nobody behind him. He knew that we Southerners are weaklings only good at blowing high sounding but empty grammar.

These ‘efulefu’ southerners will never question why Buhari has never condemned the murderous activities of his fulani kinsmen but these same ‘anumpamas’ will read this post and quickly tag me a bigot.

Slaves who think themselves masters!!

Charles Ogbu

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