What if:

The labour of our heroes is buried in the past;

They fought for our nation to earn discrimination?


What if:

They once fed the nation but now feed on the nation;

Some bake all the cake to enjoy only the crumbs?


What if:

He was once a villain but turned into a hero;

They took him for a coward but he ended up a hero?


What if:

They propped him to the throne and he pelted them with stones

When they pointed out his throes?


What if:

They both made a vow but he then broke the bond;

He stayed true to his oath but his men loved to revolt?


What if:

They worked hard for his crown but he turned into a clown;

They looked forward to his dance but he fell into a trance?


What if:

He told them he could swim but soon started to sink;

He set out to repair but he failed first to prepare?


What if:

He meant well for the people but his men loved to dribble;

He did hate to be rude but his men proved to be brutes?


What if:

They warned him to beware but he knew not of what;

They maneuvered his kindness and made it their madness?


What if:

They tainted him with the umbrella but with brooms cleansed his image;

The friends of the king are merely friends of the crown?


What if:

He engaged mostly his people and enraged the nation;

He blessed some with the mouth that sent others to dungeon?


What if:

They want him to be strict but not on themselves;

He trusts them with his secrets but they thrust them to his foes?


What if:

We trusted them with our pearls but they cast them to big pigs;

My head wants to be fast but my heart wants to relax?


What if…….

What if…….


What if:

He cut down his friends to step up his power;

He called them his brothers but they cut down his soldiers?


What if:

He loves deploying missives that keep ruffling feathers;

They gave him some powers and he now scoffs at elders?


What if:

He called him a robber but turned into his father;

He was once a thief but turned a new leaf?


What if:

He thinks he is their leader but they take him for a dealer;

They thought him a fool but he taught them a lesson and took over their stool?


What if:

He’s not close to a sage in spite of his age;

He lays claim to knowledge but lays bare his folly?


What if:

They were meat providers but now butchers of men;

He forgave all the sins that they didn’t even confess?


What if we find that their pot is blacker than our kettle

The leaders fight today and make up tomorrow;

And the leaders of tomorrow never see tomorrow?


What then?


© Tonykata 2019

From Random Thoughts: A Collection of Essays and Poems by Tony Ekata




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